Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing TowIt: The global, cross-platform mobile application that allows civilians to report parking violations and dangerous driving in real time.

TowIt works with municipal governments, local law enforcement, and towing companies to remove the barriers required to make cities effectively fight and deter bad parking and dangerous driving habits.

Download our app and help TowIt relieve congestion, reduce collisions, open up economies, improve the environment and enhance the lives of urban residents and suburban commuters alike.

If you are a government representative or law enforcement official who wishes to access the direct TowIt feed and/or API, please contact us.

How does TowIt work?

All a user must do is take a photo, confirm the offender's license plate and tap the TowIt (submit) button. Our system handles the rest by automatically geotagging the report and comparing it to local bylaw data (where available). Valid reports are posted to the global feed, to our website, and passed on to connected municipalities and police for enforcement. As we see usage in any city grow, we reach out and attempt to work with the municipal government, local law enforcement and towing companies.

Does TowIt work in my community?

Most likely! Our application works everywhere Google Maps exists- which at this point is pretty much the entire planet.

Is my municipality connected to TowIt?

In most cases the answer is "not yet". We've been in contact with a number of municipalities around the world who are interested in utilizing our technology. Unfortunately it takes time to partner with governments and law enforcement agencies. It's possible that police are currently monitoring our website and in-app feed.

How can I help?

Use our application and spread the word. The more active users we have the more likely we are to make an impact. Talk to your local councillors or government representatives and tell them how and why you think TowIt will help your community. Please consider leaving a rating or review.

Why can't I see the global feed on iOS?

Apple would not allow this feature in our initial release, citing their 14.1 developer guidelines. We fought long and hard with the appeal process to no avail. We have found a solution and this feature will be included in our next release.

Who is behind TowIt?

TowIt was made by Michael McArthur & Gregory Meloche - two ordinary citizens in Toronto, Canada.

Anything else?

Be safe and follow your local laws. Do not use TowIt when driving. Try to be discreet with your use of the app. Avoid confrontations with the owners of vehicles that you are reporting. Lastly, don't give up! Together, we can fix this problem for good. Happy reporting!